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Hi I'm new here at adisc, i'm from Mexico so my english isn't very good but I hope you guys understand.

So for introducing myself I am 18 years old, I like wearing diapers, and wanted to share it with someone, also i like to play soccer, videogames and hangout with my friends and my girlfriend.

I actually haven't met someone who likes or who wears diapers, but I already told my girlfriend about it.

So i guess that was my intro, hope to met people.


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Welcome to ADISC!

You say your girlfriend knows? How did she take it? Does she participate at all?

I have never been to Baja California but I was in San Diego for several days a long time ago. As I remember it, the weather was quite nice (although I don't remember what time of year it was).

I'm sure you will meet many people here.
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