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  1. Diaper Lover
I am new. My nickname is a Duff (bad golfer) and a DL from Michigan. Would love to chat with like minded folks.
chat , email, yahoo. Let me know.
Hello Dufff0063. Yes everyone here is into diapers for one reason or another. I myself use them for therapeutic purposes 20 years before I became incontinent. That being said what are your other interests and hobbies? If you like reading about stories we have a story section that you can read or if you prefer we have a roleplaying forum. Please keep in mind that some stories and roleplaying threads may not necessarily be focused on diapers. We are open-minded here and will not judge so please feel free to tell us a little bit more of yourself if your comfortable doing so? What kinds of movies do you like to watch? Do you watch any sports? Ironically you could even tell us what types of foods you particularly like to eat on the off-topic forum if your alright doing so? Also I would like to have the honor of saying to you welcome to ADISC! :hug::smile1:
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