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hi im new here and would to meet new people

Welcome to ADISC goodngihts8891! It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm so glad you want to make some friends, especially since you already friend requested me! I like to get to know my friends, and be an amazing superpal!

ADISC is a wonderful place full of great supportive people, nurturing an safe and friendly environment for people to discuss not only AB/DL/IC issues, but just life and whatever in general! I hope you find enough reason to stay and take part! There is lots to enjoy, and don't be afraid to ask any questions you have!

I have oodles of questions for you, so if you feel comfortable answering them in any capacity I really hope you do! No matter if you do or not, I want you to know that it's wonderful that you joined!

1. How did you find ADISC? What brought you to making the plunge to join?
I know that I never would have thought places like this existed! A wonderful friend of mine referred me to it! The thought that there was people who would understand me made it a no-brainer on if I would join!

2. What sorts of things do you like to do? Besides the diapers (don't worry we'll get to them).
Everyones got hobbies and interests and stuff right? I play a lot of video games and collect dolls a lot! I don't want to rant on your intro about them but I highly suggest you feel free to go into as much detail as you feel like!

3. How did you first discover your DL feelings?
Your listed as a DL, so what brought out your initial first DL feelings? You know.. as long as that keeps to the general PG-13 content rating we have around here. Hehe.

4. What should we call you?

Your name is sort of.. common around here, because Goodnites are pretty awesome. Do you have a cute nickname that you would like to be called? ^_^
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