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I'm izzy consider myself a cross-dressing diapersissy babygirl or diaperbaby princess I'm open to basically anything and everything weather if it's for me or not I'm open to suggestion only thing I know is bdsm isn't my thing during my time in army I was tortured for days for information till I thankfully got rescued I don't like talking about it but that's y instead of being strong aggressive constantly being a submissive sissy girl makes me feel like a different person like the real me not the one I use to be the diapers wetting them pacifier baby bottle being breastfed just finalizes being a sissy girl also sence of comfort security and relaxation from responsibility having to adult by getting up going bathroom I just go when where I please and a benefit they feel amazing
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Welcome and enjoy
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From a Fellow Vet; Thank You for Your Service!
Welcome and be welcomed to this amazing World of ADISC!
A truly wonderful place as near everyone hear is wearing diapers!
You will find ADISC a comfortable place to expand you understanding of the ABDL World!
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