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  1. Diaper Lover
Wow this is hard after too many years of simply reading other people's contributions. I'm 54 and from the UK and have been wearing nappies as a DL (can I say NappyLover) since I was 11. I've read many threads on this site which reflect so many of my own experiences, from shame and secrets and binge and purge cycles but also (thankfully) so many intelligent and humorous insights. I've been married for 25 years and told my wife about my fondness for nappies about 15 years ago, I can't say it went super well but I can understand that. I came back to this site because I recently started therapy and that has thrown up a lot of questions and hopefully some different perspectives. My wife encouraged me to go to therapy because my parents both have different and serious ill health conditions which she thought (somewhat correctly) I would struggle to deal with. In practice I got into my first therapy session and after 5 minutes she asked me "but what is really going on for you?" and I just said "all my life I've liked to wear nappies and sometimes it tears me apart" and thus it took a very different course.
Anyway this has meant I've finally had some better discussions with my partner and true love. It's not a fairy tale but I think we can work out sensible boundaries, there is some understanding and acceptance and we can jointly enjoy the 99% of things we have in common and leave space for the rest.
Anyway I may write more about therapy because I have found it really useful (and I'm a classic English person who didn't ever think they would write those words). But until then thank you to everyone who runs this site and contributes, sorry it has taken me so long to add to that.
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Welcome and be welcomed to the wondrous world of ADISC. You will find it even more enjoyable now that you can fully play in near all sections with more yet to come as you transfer from your current status. The great part of ADISC is that near everyone here wears diapers and as you had noticed, many mirror your excperiences.

Sounds, like you have landed a great Therapies and of course a wonderful dear Wife. Sorry to hear that your parents are dealing with health issues and having the two wonderful supporters, you will have them supporting you as you journey this road ahead of you.

Saying Nappy Lover is fully executable!

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