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hello !


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my name is vodka, and it really is a wonder to meet you all . im 21 years old and use any pronouns, though i prefer they/it/she or any canine themed neopronouns.
i've been interested in abdl content for a long time but i am finally comfortable enough to explore this side of myself.
i'm excited to join this community and connect with others who share my interests. i'm hoping to learn more about abdl and find ways to embrace this part of myself. i am a babyfur and a therian.
i'm also hoping to gain a better understanding of how to balance my abdl and babyfur sides with the rest of my life. i know this journey will not be easy, but i'm excited to take on the challenge and grow as a person. so let's get started.
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Hello and welcome!
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Hello and welcome vodka ! 😊
That's a nice name ! 😊😊