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My name is Joe. I have wore panties since I was a young teen. when i was in my late 30s I was in a bad motorcycle wreck and lost both my legs bellow the knees,. I had to let my amputations heal for over a month. Not being able to walk the hospital put adult diapers on me. My good came to see me, She suggested I try large kid pullups and plastic pants. I said ok and she got a few pair of plastic panties and pullups while I was in the hospital. I really like how they fit and were not all bulky and ugly. over time I got prosthetic legs and now I walk and still ride motorcycles. the wreck caused me to have a weak bladder when I ride the plastic panties save me from embarrassing moments on my bike. I now love to wear my plastic panties with a pantie liner for a week blades.
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Welcome and enjoy
Hello and welcome
Hi, welcome Joe to the Adisc forum.🙂
Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome! 😊
Hi and welcome to the site. So sorry about your motor cycle accident. My wife who was diabetic was an amputee below the knee. Life can be tough but there are ways to adjust and get through the hard times.