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As you can probably guess, I wear goodnites. I've had a thing for pull ups since I was a kid. It all started in 1st grade, one day I found a half a package of pull ups at the back of closet. They were girls pull ups from my when my bought the wrong package when I was four and had been thrown in the back. At the time I was embarrassed to be wearing girls pull ups as a boy, but now I was curious. I was home alone for a little bit that day, so I slipped one on, it felt comfy. I needed to pee, so I decided to wet them...I was surprised how good it felt. I knew they'd be back from the store soon, but I didn't wanna take them off. Well they came home, and I was still in a wet pull up. I quickly put my sweat pants back on and pretended to be looking at a book. I was afraid to take them off, so I stayed in them for hours and wet it again later that afternoon. When the coast was clear I disposed of the pull up. I only had a few pull ups, so I used them sparely over the next few months.

Then I got an idea, if I wet the bed maybe they buy more, so that's what I did and it actually worked. At night they put me in Pull Ups, I wouldn't always wet, but just enough times to keep me in pull ups at night until about 4th grade, after that I stopped. However, the desires never left me, fast forward to high school, I was at the store one day and saw Goodnites, I was curious. So one day I decided to try and buy some. I debated over boy or girl, at the time I thought girls would be easier to pass off as buying them for my fictional sister. I bought an 11 pack, they fit really well. When ever I had the chance I would wet one and once when I knew I had the place to myself messed one. I didn't partake in college, as it was too risky with room

Now that I've been living on my own for quite a few years, I'm almost always in a girls goodnite if I'm at home and not expecting guests.


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Hello and welcome to ADISC!!! I recently started wearing Goodnites to bed, just for comfort not to use. My fingers are crossed that they release an XXL size, but I doubt it will happen.

I wanted to wear diapers when I was a kid too but I didn't. I wonder if I would have been brave enough to wet the bed to force my parents to get me pullups if I ever had the idea occur to me!!

See ya around the forums!