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hello. I'm trevor, also known as purpleman. there isnt much to tell about how I started liking diapers other than I started in the same way that most have. i wondered about them starting in my early teen years then engaged later on. how i got my first pack was a cool story.

i one day texted mom if it was weird that i wondered what diapers felt like. she, thinking i was making a joke like i usually do, said yes so i played it off like a joke. later on, after i had a discussion with mom, i told her that it was a serious question but i was afraid of her thinking less of me so i played it off. she told me that she wants me to feel able to talk to her about these kinds of things then we went about our day. later my sister had an allergic reaction (shes allergic to soy which is in pretty much everything) and after mom gave her an epipen she took her to the hospital so they could watch her overnight. when they left i went to my room and found a pack of diapers on my bed. a few minutes after trying one on, i got a text from mom asking how i liked them. thats my story.

so i am your 'run of the mill' nerd. i like sci fi and am obsessed with doctor who and tron. i like games, mostly rpgs. I am dual enrolled in a mechatronics program thats done wonders for me. ive been looking for a relationship, specifically one that would work with my diapers. im into furries but im not a big fursuit kind of guy. im terrible at wrapping up so...its nice to be here and i hope to make friends.


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Hello purpleman and welcome to the group.

Nice introduction

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