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My Name Is Bunns
Bunns said:
My Name Is Bunns

Hi Bunns my name is gigglemuffinz! Bunns is a name that will bring smiles to the masses for sure, the masses here at ADISC. Which you are most welcome to joining! (In fact you already have, you're one step ahead of me!)

If you feel comfortable sharing, you can totally use this thread to talk a little about yourself and help us get to know you. Like, how did you find us? What made you want to join? What are the funny little things you do that drive everyone else crazy?

Otherwise go rock the house! Take the world by storm! Vanquish all those who stand in your way! (Not me though! I'm too cute for that!)
What she said :) welcome aboard.
Hey there bunns :D welcome, just joined the other day too
hi there and welcome, i too am fairly new to joining.

would be good to know some more about you like hobbies for example !
The a fairly short and unique introduction.
("My Name Is Bunns") that's great buddy !!
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