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Greetings fellow diaper wearers! I'm Papageno (points to you if you didn't have to look the name up to get the reference). I'm just your average mediocre college student and musician with dreams of one day being successful, who also wears diapers because why not. I haven't poked around on internet forums such as this one for a good number of years, but decided to get back into the scene :p

Just a little on my AB/DL background: I've known this about myself for about seven ish years now, and have had lots of ups and downs with it, at some points being absolutely disgusted with myself and at other times very comfortable with this part of me. I've come to settle in the latter.

I've also been lucky enough within the past few years to have made a few close friends who also had interests in the realm of AB/DLs, on and offline. In fact, I recently found out that one of my best and closest friends was an AB/DL to an extent, though she hadn't delved very far past reading fan fiction. It seems too good to be true, but we've begun an adventure deeper into this world together and its an absolute joy.

Outside of this, I enjoy hiking, reading, running, singing, musicking, and coming up with ways to cook amazing meals from scratch in a microwave. PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT MY RECIPES BECAUSE I LOVE SHARING.

Anyhow, that's me in several paragraphs. Be my friend! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Everyone here is really cool and welcoming to the place;

Papageno said:

What's your best recipe that you enjoy making? =3
Lately I've gotten in to making microwave pancakes in mason jars. I can't claim to have done that from scratch, but you just fill a mason jar one third of the way with pancake batter, and then cook it for about 90 seconds. I keep a bottle filled with batter in my fridge so in the morning, when I'm probably running late for work, I just get a jar ready and stick it in the microwave and then do other things while it cooks, which saves time and allows me to eat real food instead of like poptarts or something. I've also tried putting fruit in with the mix but I haven't mastered that yet because I tried that on Friday and gave it to a friend who had done me a favor (the friend I mentioned earlier actually) and she complained about how some of the batter at the bottom didn't cook all the way (what a great way to thank someone for cooking for you, right?).

I also make really mean microwave scrambled eggs. You mix two eggs, some cheese of your choice, ham and spinach in a mug and stick it in for like 60 seconds (or maybe its 30 (its been a while)) and then take it out, put in a tablespoon of marinara sauce, stir, and then give it another 30 seconds (I think). Add salt to taste. It's a good time but kinda hard to clean the cup if you don't do it immediately after eating. Also if you don't cover the mug in the microwave you run the risk of plastering food on the microwave ceiling :laugh:
That's really awesome x3 microwave jar pancakes sound delicious, (though personally the friend doesn't sound like they were much of a good friend o.o you thank someone for making you foods then politely say "I feel as though such and such could have perhaps been improved?" so they can learn more as everyone does sometimes fall short)

A recipe we use in my house for pancake batter is, egg flour and milk XD kind or a throw it together till it seems right for you measurements, (as normally we have about 10 of us waiting for the yummy things XD)

Will try the scrambled egg ones for when my partner asks for them again XD seeing as I killed the batch I tried to make on the hob last time x3
Papageno said:
Lately I've gotten in to making microwave pancakes in mason jars.

I had to read that twice. Now I may also have to try it. I've seen eggs done in the microwave, and bacon, but never pancakes.
Pa - Pa - Pa - Pa - Pa - Pa - Papageno

Nice nick you chose. You seem to love Mozart :cool:

Is there an epoch you prefer?

Nice you are here. Have fun!

The solution: KV 620.
I do confess: I had to look up that one; the title I knew ;)
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