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Hello Ya'll

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
While it says I am a lurker I suppose I should post,

So in the end I am Diaper Lover, and some times an Adult Baby, I would say the main point I am here is to really get involved with a community that likes diapers.

If there is anything I like, besides diapers, is biking riding. I own a Surly Moon Lander, which fat bike with 5" (4.8") inch tires. though I would also like a Bucksaw carbon, though can't afford it right now.

I'm also an avid gamer currently playing Overwatch and I am Setsuna. I do generally like RTS and RPG games, and I play FFXIV if any else play.

One thing I would like to know is how Dry 24/7 wear and feel, though I know this is not the place to ask.

Mind you I am drunk while writing this.
Hello TheBoxMan and welcome to the group.

Very informative introduction.

Hi and welcome to the site. I saw one of those fat tire bikes at my local bike shop this weekend. I ride a Trek 7.5 hybrid. I'm usually riding on a paved bike trail, so it works well for me. I also have a Trek 1200 road bike that I bought maybe 20 years ago.
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