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Hello World


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1) Hello! Who are you?

Hello, I'm Marshall, nice to meet you I want to have a good time here

2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)
Get here to find stories, both anecdotal and made-up, tips and reviews about diapers all things abdl

3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)

I really like anime, video games, some sports like archery, fencing, taekwondo. I like music and playing different instruments, as well as programming and robotics
Hello! Welcome to the site! I am August.
I was sure that you were into programming even before I opened your entry, Using the phrase 'Hello World' which is from the first C program was the tip-off. I've been programming for over 55 years and love it.