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Hello world.

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Hi! My name is Bap & I'm a baby boy. I work full time but on my free time I love to mountain bike, camp, fish, snowboard and play baseball & golf. I really haven't shared this side of me with anyone up until very recently when I met with a local like-minded group for a daily outing. That was a very big step for me and I'm hoping to do it again soon. It's still a very big secret in my life, even with my girlfriend. I'm hoping to just find support here & enjoy reading & sharing different experiences. With that being said...hello world!
Hello Bap! I hope you find what you're looking for here :)

I've always wanted to try snowboarding... Something for the bucket list for sure!
Thanks Dub! If you ever do get on a snowboard be prepared to crash a lot the first day. And try to fall back (uphill). It'll save your wrists. 🏂
BAP21 said:
And try to fall back (uphill). It'll save your wrists. ��

I can see that being something you'd want to know straight away as opposed to later on. Ouch :eek!:
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