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Hello world, I'm more active in the discord


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A little about me (no pun intended.) I am a cishet male and I'm going to be a grad student as I prepare to become a Occupational Therapist as I really enjoy helping others. Some of my more vanilla hobbies besides video games and nerdy tv shows like anime are: hiking, mountain biking, fishing, cooking, baking, reading, breweries, distilleries, wineries, woodworking, model building, crafts, drawing, board games/ttrpgs, sports, and having a good time with friends. I'm always willing to try new hobbies unless of course it's skydiving or caving I am not a fan of heights or super enclosed spaces. My favorite movie series is Star Wars the Original Trilogy and the original EU. Favorite book series has to be Percy Jackson and my favorite game series is definitely Zelda. I do like Warhammer which is part of my really geeky side. In other words I am a major geek. I am always open to making new friends or having new followers I do not post too much but I plan on changing that soon. Hope you have a good day reader!
Hello Mithar and welcome to the group.

Very nice informative introduction.

Thank you!
Pleasure to meet you Egor.