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Hello, website people!

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Hello out there!

I just joined this website and thought I would introduce myself. I have been a member of many ab/dl websites in the past. Well, I say "many"... I mean about five. Many of the websites out there are a bit.... erm... seedy. I feel awful for the girls who get jumped on like a bit of meat being attacked by a jazillion firocious piranhas. It really shows this community in a bad light. And it's not just girls either, I've been on the receiving end of some pretty gross stuff, people not who they say they are, guys saying they'd like to chat and then they turn on their webcam and show you their bits. It's all made me a bit disillusioned with the community. Then there are the fake profiles that just try to get you to sign up/pay for websites. But this website is, well, much nicer and better moderated it seems.

I've been in the background for years, but never signed up for this website. However, more recently I've been feeling a bit alone with these feelings and really would like to make some friends to talk to - who are aware of this stuff, but not obsessed by it, there is more to me than this! It would be really nice to get involved in this website, have discussions, perhaps make friends.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am male and I like in the UK - norfolk to be precise. I won't say what I do for work on here, but I'll tell people I make friends with if you would like to know :) I am a bit of an AB. Well, more than 'a bit'... I've had these feelings of wanting to be 'little' ever since I was little! About 5/6 years old, I just wanted to be little, no responsibility, not to feel sad, to just be taken care of. My childhood wasn't great, so I always yearned for that. And I wanted what went with it, I wanted a nappy, I wanted a dummy. And, well, I already had teddies of course at that age, and they were very important to me.

I love haribo and sweeties, I love cooking (and eating!!) and I like doing things with my hands, like making things and fixing things. I like the minions and Eeyore is my favourite character from Winnie the Pooh. Oh, and I like pens and have a bit of an OCD for cleaning.

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, if not I'm sure somebody will tell me. but I have a profile on another website which has a little more information about me and I thought I could link to that for a little bit more info: http://diapermates.com/teddyNdummy
If I'm not allowed, I'll remove it. I know it's from a dating website. I'm not here to meet/pick up girls. I'm here to talk to anybody and everybody on these forums and to try and feel a bit more 'involved' in the community, a bit less alone. (I just think I did a nice-ish job writing that profile and thought it describes a bit more about me!)
Hello teddyNdummy and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

Yes we are a very respectable site, and it is nice to be able to talk to people from around the world.

I noticed that you like cooking. We have a "Foodie" group that I think you might be interested in. We are always looking for new friends with great recipes to share.

Again welcome to the group.
:O OMG a foodie group?!?! I can share some of my bestest recipes like... umm... Tuna, chocolate, cabbage and banana surprise - the surprise is the brussel sprouts in the middle!! :D :D :D

And thank you egor for the kind welcome :)
teddyNdummy said:
:O OMG a foodie group?!?! I can share some of my bestest recipes like... umm... Tuna, chocolate, cabbage and banana surprise - the surprise is the brussel sprouts in the middle!! :D :D :D

And thank you egor for the kind welcome :)

Haha....I'd be very surprised if my wife served that for dinner! Anyway, welcome to the site. We are a respectful site so I think you'll enjoy being here.
Welcome, teddy, that was a fantastic intro.

I think you've already realized this by now, but ADISC is a very clean community. You'll fit right in. :)
Uh-oh, clean? I don't think I'd fit in very well at the moment... presently covered head to toe in paint. I've been painting :D I've even got it in my hair. And i've just realised my glasses are covered in paint too, I thought things looked a bit misty. I'd just like to thank you Faelan and dogboy for also welcoming me, and thank you faelan for your kind words about my intro. I always worry when writing those things! And dogboy, I do have some other more edible recipes!
Okay, so maybe there is the occasional mess involved. But all in the name of fun!
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