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Hello there. :)

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this kind of thing, so pardon me as I get accustomed to it.

A little about me, I am a furry since November, and have only in the past few months really gotten into the community. :3

I enjoy meeting new friends and talking....and some might say I talk too much. ^^;
I know you, I KNOW YOU!!! o.o

Welcome to ADISC from a fellow Snivy and I love the small introduction but let's see if we can slap some cheese and lettuce on that hamburger. What are some of your non abdl interests outside the community?

What kind of movies do you like? My favorites are comedy and action ones like Fast n Furious and comedy's and the taken series alone with nonstop. Another classic is Hall Pass and the Madea series!

What kind of video games do you play? I play five nights at freddy's on my PC but on my consoles are mostly shooter games. "Advanced Warfare, Black Ops I and II.

Again, welcome to the group!
Hey Avatar :) I started as a furry a billion years ago (or now it seems that way) and you have came to a great place with wonderful people. What do you do for hobbies? I video game and read books like nobody's biz.. great meeting you!
Hello AvatarSong, welcome!
Meeting new friends is always great, you'll have a lot of chances to do that here on ADISC. As other's have asked, what do you like to do for fun? I personally spend a lot of time reading during the cold winters and biking and swimming when the weather is nicer.
Thanks for the intro. :)
Hi AvatarSong and welcome to ADISC
Howdy & welcome. I know you too :p
Hello and welcome ^_^
Hai! Haven't I seen you on FW?
Nice profile pic! Did Babystar make that for you?
Thanks all for the welcome. ^.^

First off, Snivy, if I add that much to the burger, that would be some great food for thought.

Second, Meowstic, yes she did. :3

Some things I enjoy doing are reading, playing piano, playing tennis, and playing video games. I also enjoy eating, perhaps a bit too much. XD
Haha awesome! It's really cute, I like it!
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