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Hello there again


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  2. Diaper Lover
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  5. Sissy
now that ive gotten the stinky diapers out of my head im ready for my introduction
Hello. My name is Fluffezic. id like to keep my real name a secret. but yall can call me Fluff or Ezic
im am 19 years old. born in 2004. i live in belgium. and i love pamps (i know. shocker)
How did i come to be in this community. partial intrest and childhood. when i was an actual bab i bounced around a lot so i never got the time to really be a bab because of my parents divorce. ive now landed with my mother and stepfather (both awesome) and i wanna have that babyish innocence back

my interests besides pamps are: furry. video games (warframe and minecraft are amazing). i make minecraft skins and im studying IT
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Hello Fluffezic and welcome to the group.

Nice introduction

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Welcome and enjoy
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Welcome and be welcomed to this unique World of ADISC!
A truly wonderful place as near everyone here is wearing a diaper!
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Hi and welcome. I'm always interested in members who live in countries that aren't mine. It's one of the things I like about this site as it expands my knowledge regarding the rest of the world.
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