Hello there! :3

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Hi everyone,

after a bit of lurking I decided to join this forum.

I introduce myself: I'm from Italy, from Sardinia to be precise!

As far as I know I've always been a DL. Since I was a young boy I've always been attracted to diapers. I remember once that I filled my underwear with toilet paper and pretended that it was a diaper XD. Recently I've been using the *towel trick.

Anyway, I finally took courage and ordered a pack of Abena M4 from Amazon, and sent it to a collection point, because I still live with my parents (yes, I'm 23 and I live with my parents. Here in Sardinia there's not a lot of work, and the few jobs that you can find are paid too little. But that's another story).*

About my passions/hobbies:

I'm a huge metal fan, but I really listen to every type of music,

I like to play my electric and acoustic*guitars, and sing,

I've been a furry for many years, in fact it's thanks to the furry fandom that I rediscovered my DL side,

I used to go skateboarding a lot in the past years, and I really like bodybuilding.

So, that's a long introduction, isn't it? XD

Sorry for any mistakes, but as you can guess, I'm italian!

Bye :3


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Welcome there from italy ThrasherZolf.
I'm from Asia, nice to see you join here.
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Welcome Italy! Ha, just kidding. Informative intro. As for making grammatical mistakes...I have a very evil pet peave for grammar Nazis. Any of them pick on you for grammar mistakes...war is declared. Not everyone has a PhD in English. People should just be thankful that they aren't stuck having to learn braille or sign language. Bless those poor souls that do.
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