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Hello. Posting this because I'm forced to to keep reading a thread...

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Topic says it all - just posting this because the forum is complaining about me being "lapsed into inactive (lurker) status, due to not posting anything for a considerable time after signing up."

As per "Tutorial: 'Cheat Sheet' to a Great Introduction":

1) Who am I? See username. XLKlam.

2) What brings me here? Wanting to read some topics. As to this post specifically, because I want to read some topics past the 7th page.

3) What are my other interests? I'm really quite boring. I like some films and TV shows. I read a book once.

4) What am I looking for out of this site? To be able to lurk about and read topics without being pestered to contribute anything.

4B) What would I love to do here? I'm not really into strong emotions. Love is a bit strong. I'd rather just not give a damn about anything.
Not open for further replies.