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Hello! New to ADISC/Bedwetting

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Hi there everybody! My name is Baby T, I am an AB/DL from the midwest. I am 24 years old and straight as an arrow, I often times get annoyed with the association of LBGT and ABDL. I have been a part of this lifestyle since I discovered my comfortability with diapers early in elementary school, hiding it from my parents all along. I tend to attribute this to the fact that I was forced to grow up earlier than I should have. I have never told anyone about my desire to wear diapers/ be a baby, so this is all fairly new to me! I have been seeing my current girlfriend for just over a year and she does not know either.
About 1 month ago, I went through a binge cycle where I was desperately trying to figure out a way to tell her, knowing she would not take it well. I finally came to the realization that there was not a good way to release this lifestyle to her, but more a way that I could get away with wearing around her. One night when we went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and just started peeing, but stopped after a small amount was released. I then went back to sleep. The following morning I was talking to her and told her that I thought I had peed the bed that night, she was grossed out to be honest. I told her I would pick something up in case it happened again. After work I went to the local Walmart and purchased a pack of Depends Maximum Protection (the plastic diaper style) and a plastic bedsheet (peesheet), knowing full well after years of being a DL and trying all the good diapers, that I was buying only the best available at the time. I walked in and immediately she told me I was a baby (first success!) and then asked if I was actually going to wear one, to which I responded, "would you rather I pee in your bed again?" That night I put one on with a t-shirt and walked into her room, she right away opened her mouth and told me I was a baby (much to her unknowing, I loved it). I have worn every night since! I did in fact order a half case of Abena M4's after a couple days of "accidents". On Friday I ordered a half case of Dry 24/7 diapers which I have yet to experience, hopefully they are wonderful! Also for some time now I have been having snoring problems so immediately when they became a problem for her, I looked up solutions... One website suggested a pacifier so I immediately ordered a Nuk 5 and hopped on that train! Now I sleep with her, in just a diaper and my pacifier, how much better could it get? I'm hoping sooner rather than later I will actually start truly having accidents, although I know I am getting close because I'm having a harder time remembering waking up and peeing mid-sleep when I get up in the morning. Should I go for the ultimate and start having day "accidents" too? She did make me go to the doctor recently because she is convinced there is something wrong. The doctor diagnosed me with urinary incontinence (nighttime) and sent me on my way.... Whoopee! My question is what should I do next? Keep going or be happy where I have gotten??

Baby T
First of all, welcome to the community. We help each other best we can in all aspects of diaper wear. What other things do you like besides diapers? Are you a student? Gamer?

To answer your question, it sounds like you should be happy where you're at. Your gf doesn't sound thrilled about a "baby" in bed with her and as we've seen here time and time again, the results will be the SO running away faster than you can pee. Also, it sounds like you peed the bed on purpose at first? Dishonesty like that can also end a relationship. Now that you have your diagnosis and your gf is allowing you to wear diapers, enjoy it and I'd advise not to press your luck.

Hi babyto. I'm gonna welcome you to our site, but then immediately go into some words of caution. First, I think it's wrong to deceive your girlfriend. I know it can be very hard to discuss ABDL desires and feelings, I think all of us have gone through those worries and fears at some point. However, deceiving a person you care about because you're afraid to tell the truth and just want to satisfy your deceives is manipulative and wrong, imo. I think you should tell her the truth, or at the least "recover" from your bedwetting and indulge in diapers during your own private time only.

Second, if you actually received a medical diagnosis of incontinence (I admit a certain amount of skepticism at this story, but I'll take it as true), then you're at a point where you're causing self-harm. Taking steps to make yourself incontinent can be irreversible, and a lot of people here who really are bedwetters will tell you that never being able to "turn it off" can be a great hardship. Please think very carefully about what you're doing.

Regardless of what else you do, you definitely should not start having daytime "accidents." You're likely to lose your girlfriend (I doubt she signed up for this) and you may cause yourself some pretty serious social or even physical harm.

You probably won't like what I've had to say so far, but I want to end by saying that I'm glad you're here. I hope that we can all provide you with support as you explore the ABDL side of yourself and that you find a way to balance your desires with the rest of your life.
Hi and welcome. You're probably going to think we're a picky bunch, but you've gotten some good advise. I'm a writer, so my suggestion is that you break up your writing by using paragraphs. It will make what you have to say, easier for all of us to read and stick with you. Please don't take that the wrong way as I'm not being judgmental. I have taught English in the school system, and I'm published. I often break up what I'm writing on a blog so the reader can take what is being said, in smaller bites.

I hope you get the support you're looking for on this site. We really are a level headed group, though we have our moments of confrontations. I hope things work out for you. I eventually told my wife and it has worked out well.
Hi Baby T,
I'm pretty new to this group too, and I have never met a group with the wisdom and integrity of these people. They consistently put principles of honesty and humanity before the lifestyle. I am so proud to know them even for this short time. --YJ
As a bedwetter myself, I wouldn't say its so hard to turn it off but its more of a curse than anything. I used to wake up with wet sheets three-four days a week and it was a nightmare on my self-confidence and having to explain to people why I was washing my sheets so often. Though after I've been back in diapers for over a month, I haven't had those issues since.. which in itself is a confidence booster.
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