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Hi everyone, long time lurker 1st time poster, I'm a DL / bedwetter, have been all my life. I'm 30 yrs old, male, in decent shape (6ft weigh about 175lbs) I have my own place and I'm able to indulge my diaper needs anytime.
I've got so many types of diapers in my stock, just a small list.. Dry 24/7 medium, Abena M4, xpmedical A+ level 4, tena slip maxi, attends (poly backed) molicare super, seni quarto, ABU cushies and SDK's.
In the diaper world I've been around the block a few times, its def not a new rodeo for me. I like wearing as much as possible, (its really a form of stress relief for me) and I have to wear every night do to unpredictable nighttime wetting. At night I generally wet 3 times a week in my sleep, some nights are decent other nights I do a full soaking. I recently broke up with my live in girl friend of 2 years, (kinda sucked) but more or less it was for the better, she was a leech and I literally had to do everything, obviously she new about my night time issues, she really didn't care about the diapers (I would wear around her all the time) because she knew I needed them at night.
The one thing that I would recommend to anyone that wears diapers, is good clothing, I have 10 onesie's from xpmedical; I believe there called 4-care or something, they really make a difference with support / preventing excessive sagging (which can be a cause of leaks) also the additional support helps with the ability of the product to wick better.
Now that I'm single again I slowly starting to look for a girl friend, having to wear at night doesn't bother me when trying to meet someone. I like good people, I like to be happy all the time, so imo if I find a potential girl, obviously she would be understanding of my "night time needs" and if she doesn't I simply just move on. I think its more difficult for DL/AB types to explain / find there next of kin because of the fact that they can do without (physically, not mentally because we are all wired this way) because of my condition I'm able to say what I need from the beginning, and the confidence for me is "I wear a diaper at night due to nighttime issues, if you don't like it to bad because im not wreaking my /your bed, its for the better)
Thanks for hearing my intro / rant, hopefully I can help / contribute to the community.
Welcome pampers4u! That was an informative intro! That's good advice about the onesies. Many members here wear them or some other item of clothing to prevent that awful sag. I see you list landscaping as a non-DL interest. Is gardening a hobby for you? What do you grow?
Welcome to our world, that was a fine intro by being very informative. Hope that you post of your future and past adventures. I also wear onesies to keep my diaper from those terrible sagging times.
I love working outside, I'm mainly doing flower gardens right now, constant mowing due to all the rain, retaining walls and my favorite obsession cutting, splitting, stacking firewood.
pampers4U said:
my favorite obsession cutting, splitting, stacking firewood.

Ah! A cold climate person! :)
Welcome, and great confident intro. It's mid winter here and even though I love the fire, I hate carting wood :( and I think I stuffed my back from splitting wood haha... Need to get a hydrolic splitter. Yay. Good luck on the GF front.
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