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Hello my name is Tailsy and I am a babyfur

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  1. Babyfur
Theres not much to say but I am babyfur that lives in Texas at the moment. I work at Starbucks as a coffee master along with having my own graphics company on the side. I have been a babyfur for quite a while now I have always known I was a furry however I really started getting into the babyfur fandom around my teen years. Now its several years later and here I am. If you do wish to know more details about me leave me a message and I will get back to you. My account name is Tailsy but that is just a nickname of mine I perfer to be called by my fury name and that is Artik.
Hello and welcome aboard!

Is the coffee there good by any chance? ^^

I look forward to seeing you post around.
Welcome, Tailsy! What are some of your non-ABDL interests? You mentioned working in Starbucks - are you a big coffee fan? I can't function without the stuff!

Anyway, welcome to ADISC. I hope you find it to be a friendly, welcoming and helpful place. I certainly have done. :)
Thank you for the welcome though I am not really new my old account was lost and messed up but thanks anyway.The coffee is there is fantastic is it the only coffee I drink because of how its processed and tastes along with aroma and flavor. Sorry for the overdue response I am a busy person. So yes I am a big coffee drinker it is my job to drink all kind and always be on top of it. If you need any recommendations for coffee let me know. We recently got a new coffee in it is called Guatemala Casi Cielo and its now my favorite coffee so far.
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