Hello Kitty Pullups

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These look awesome.
Wait, where do these ship to? Do they ship outside Japan without big shipping charges? Also, how many per order? I couldn't find out from the description...
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Omg! I hafta get those!
It looks like it's 24.99 (including shipping) for either 3 or 6 pull ups (3 packages). I can't tell whether there are 2 in each package. Without the shipping, it's 13.64. Assuming it's 6 per order, that's 2.27 per before shipping, and 4.17 including. Considering the absorbency looks minimal at best

If someone who can read Japanese can confirm some of the details, we can get a better idea.
Looks cute, but it seems too expensive to be worth it.
Someone should ask Jeremy to reach out about distributive of these in the US, then the price could be reasonable. Either way I am getting some!
i NEED these
going to order some
I THINK they're 6 per order, judging by the 2's everywhere on the packages, and assuming three are shipped like pictured. It makes sense weight wise, unless the packaging they're in is heavy (Shipping weight is 14.6 oz: compare to a package of goodnites). They'd be reasonable without the huge shipping... but they're so cute, and I'm not even much of a sissy... I may splurge a little, especially since they seem a good deal bigger than goodnites.
10.00 shipping...Anyhow I sent a PM to Jeremy as well. Got to think this type of thing is popular with the Lolita style in Japan.
You would think there must be some sort of silk screening process where we could print our own designs on diapers. I'm sure that's what someone has done. Then they sell them with a jacked up price.

I had a very good friend in college who made amazing block print carvings from soft wood. He made me a Christopher Robin. I suppose I could print CR on diapers if I wanted to. All I'd need is an ink pad.
OK, Those are Hella Cute! I've loved Hello Kitty since I can remember :D

It looks like they are:
1) Sized Med 60-90cm (23-35 inches) I'm going to guess and say that is hip size.
2) Each "package" contains 2 of them.
3) You get 3 "packages" = 6 of them.

Price: $11.41 + $13.59 shipping = $25
$4.16 EACH!!! Ya I love HK, but not that much! LOL

I did find these too! Search: "Hello Kitty Colorful Diapers Chibi Gal" Size L 9-14KG 20-30Lbs
On Amazon there is a seller selling them for 13.50 + FREE SHIPPING
They seem to be training pants, bigger then diapers, smaller then pullups/goodnites but come in 3 colors, 9 to a box.

You can also search google for "chibigal" One word
Or go to item.rakuten.co.jp/lecdirect/c/0000000363/ (Use Google translate, or Google Chrome Browser) This site shows the L and XL 12-20kg 23-44lbs

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OH! and for you fellow HK lovers, search Amazon for " Hello Kitty Diaper " Some Hella cute and adorable diaper bags, messenger bags, totes. O M G!!!!! I want!!

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Well, my friends already think I'm some cracked up Women-Child , so I guess just showing up with a huge brite baby pink HK purse/messenger/tote isn't going to change anything.
HA! that'll show'em huh?
I want them! But I don't know if they'd fit. :(
Mandy those wont fit, those others are up to a 36" waist, and guessing they will go a bit larger. I just want to see what they are like and then encourage one of our suppliers to work up a large order.
Pulluplover said:
Mandy those wont fit, those others are up to a 36" waist, and guessing they will go a bit larger. I just want to see what they are like and then encourage one of our suppliers to work up a large order.

True, but maybe the XL ones, if you can find them, lol. And I've seen a lot of people say they use ones like that as extra padding.
Aah they look so cute!! but I have a feeling they won't fit me.. ;-; Does anyone happen to know what the max waist is?
Says 36", and I am 38", so we will see when they get here....But if they are like Good nites, I squeeze into those alright. So they have to be better!
Well, these definitely win all the awards for adorableness, and it's cool to see an AB-friendly pull-up out there. But from those pictures, they don't look like very high quality diapers. They look like the pull-up Depends in pink, and believe me, those aren't very effective at their job! I guess a pull-up will always be limited in that way though.

As Dogboy said, there must be some easy way yo put your own prints on one of these. I've seem a few tutorials on putting the shell of baby diapers on adult diapers, but this is clearly a bit more intensive. Maybe someone with some manufacturing knowledge can shed a little light on this.
Are these diapers or just disposable underwear? The reason I ask is because I can't see much evidence that these are for incontinence purposes, and having lived in Asia, disposable underwear is relatively common for all sorts of reasons.
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