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Hello irish nappy fella

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hey there,
i've been reg. here ages ago but didn't really considered it to be a good site - how wrong was i, i now see folks here actually chat!! So felt it important to introduce myself :D .
i live in n.ireland, i'm 29 i love games, beer, nappies playing games .. and smoking weed :D i'd love to be a games tester sum day, rite i work as a technical support help line for people can't online .. yeah so i'm a geek nappy wearing potato eating fella - top of the morning to u sir,..
now if u'll excuse me i must find me lucky charms!


Well you certainly took certain stereotypes very far... :S

You sound like a very interesting person to talk to, I hope you enjoy your time here! Why not get on the IRC? It is hundreds times more active than ADISC itself, when its alive. And best of all most discussions there dont have to be *bdl related.

Hope you learn to love it here as most do. :)
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