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Hello, I'm new.

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Greetings everyone!
I'm a newbie to ADISC and grateful to have found a place to express this side of myself. Which side you ask? I am a DL and have been since I was 8, at least that is my earliest memory of putting diapers on. It is nice to know there are others that share/understand the enjoyment of diapers.

I work full time as a production scheduler and when I am not working I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting and doing needlecraft type projects. I have two kittens...Minnie and Benny that are my little sweeties.

I've reached a point in my life that I've decided to just accept and embrace the person that I am, roll with what makes me happy and stop worrying about what other people think. I figure being honest with myself is a good place to start.

Nice to meet you all...
Nice to meet you sweetness! Welcome! We all accept ourselves here as well as each other. We recently adopted a stray cat ourselves. He's a beautiful whit cat, but deaf, so we have to be extra gentle with him.

Since you like to read and write, check out our story section HERE We have a lot of talented writers here. Maybe you would like to contribute? What kind of things do you crochet?
Hello there, and welcome!
It is indeed nice knowing you aren't alone in this, and that's one of the reasons I decided to join up myself actually. I've found there are a lot of friendly, and supportive people on this site during my short time here.
Very nice to meet you to, and welcome.
Hope you feel right at home.
Thank you...I'll have to check that out. I mostly do lace, doilies and table cloths. There isn't anything that I can't do but yarn projects can get big a bulky...expensive as well. I love the intensity of the thread projects better. Minnie is what they call a tortie and Benny is a black cat...I wanted one since I was little. I got mine from the humane society.
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