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Hello I'm BabaBunny

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I'm just a silly bunny with a silly affliction. I'm a professional who has many many many hobbies and interests. In fact I've not only done a bunch of stuff. I got so good at it that I started teaching people. I've been in a commercial, I've done several interviews for TV and I even belong to Central Casting here in L.A.. Voice Acting and Poker playing are also on the list of hobbies.

I like to have fun and be around fun people. But with all my interests and stuff, I've been running away from a part of me that I have to deal with. I happen to be a DL and a little bit AB.

So about 5 yrs ago or so I got sick really sick. So sick that wearing diapers was required. This turned out to be a good time to tell my boyfriend that I liked wearing diapers from an early age. After a trip to the emergency room and some tests I found out that I have interstitial cystitis. The version I have is controlled with cutting out foods and drinks that have acids in them. My body doesn't handle acids very well so I changed my diet and things have gotten way better. As for my relationship it got rocky but we are still together and he tries to be supportive of my DL stuff.

So I don't have anyone to talk with about feelings and stuff that I'm dealing with on this subject. So I hope that I can meet people and help me deal with some things. I'm here looking for support, maybe help me find ways of coping with my mixed feelings.

On a lighter note, I love bunnies, I love art and I love cars and I love playing the guitar but have not played in a while. I was teaching myself to play the piano and I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I can go on and on. ((giggles)) One more thing that I thought i should share. I am transgender from Male to Female. Started my transition in 1995 and was done about 2000. I started my transition when I was in my early 20's, and was really lucky that I looked like I was 16 at 22.

Welp thats me. I'm happy to be here.
Hi, BabaBunny. Welcome to ADISC, and that is a fine introduction. I am positive you will find much support in everything you mentioned. And please don't be afraid to share your experiences and observations in the many threads - all of us learn from one another, and most enjoy a chat via the chat room, or via PM's.

Again, welcome!
Hey there Bababunny. Cute name. Great intro. You'll find plenty of friends here and lots f good advice. Of course it's awesome to be able to share this part of yourself with likeminded peeps.
Thank you so much Blondiewoof and Ozbub, I feel the love.
Hey there BabaBunny. Welcome to ADISC. I see you already crawling around the introduction forum which is good.

Another Gearhead(I think that is the American term) So what kind of cars you enjoy? I myself don't have preference. I like European, Japanese and American.

I hope you enjoy ADISC and makes a lot of friends here. Cheers.
Your introduction is neat, and I like your username, welcome to adisc.😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
Thank you archer and KittyninjaW for posting a welcome.

KittyNinja sounds like a great cartoon.

I enjoy classic American cars and love the Italian ones. F430 or the Ford GT 2015.
Aaaaw, you sound like a great addition to the community. Welcome!

One of my best friends is a bunny. I call him BunnyBoy, and while we hardly have any time to talk these days (he's VERY busy working as an ER nurse), some of the best laughs of the past couple of years have come directly from him :-D
That made me perk up when I saw your name, and while you're clearly not him, I'm sure you're another great representative of bunnykind ^_____^
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