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Hello & I need help

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This is going to probably be one of the more sad introductions. I am a DL have been as long as I can remember. I lost my wife of 20 years on April 10 due to complications from brain and breast cancer. My wife was so understanding of everything (not immediately but hey we got there) it became a decent part of our relationship and I am so lost without that bond her & I had. Not just because of losing my wife but losing a huge part of what I considered my identity. This was my last step trying out a forum to meet some like minded people or maybe someone who has been through something similar. Just mostly looking for a friend.
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So sorry for your painful loss
my condolences

I hope you will find many a friend here
it's an amazing and wonderful community
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Huge, Warm, Hugs and prayers for you and your dear departed love of your life!
The loss of near all of your heart is without words and although I have not lost my dear wife (who also is the center of my World) I can understand your grief.
Do not shy away from family, friends and neighbors as they can help with the day to day transition.
Talk to her and tell her how much you miss her.
Understand that she did not choose to leave you, her choice would have been to have stayed with you.
Know that she will want to you move ahead and find new friends, No, she knows it will not be the same, but that your heart needs to love.

A Welcome to this World of ADISC!
A truly wonderful place of caring people that understand ABDL and can help!
Know that you will be in our family prayers.
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so sorry to hear yhat
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Welcome. I lost my wife 4 years ago. So sorry you had to go through the loss of your wife.
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