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Hello, I am new to the forum

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hello I finally decided to enter forum
English is not very good I'm from mexico I'm loving diapers
Hello ABDLionbaby and welcome to the group.

Do not worry about you English. If need be someone might be able to help you with a translation app. But I think you did just fine.

So that we may get to know you better, would you please take a moment to tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies or interests?

Again welcome to the group.

thanks friend I joined because I seek people like me here where I live there are not many like me dl felt a little lonely, but look different forums, but did not respond happy and plan to stay

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sorry for the'm practicing English :)
There is another member here from Mexico and maybe he'll respond on this thread. Anyway, enjoy the site and don't worry about the language difference.
Hola! ABDLionbaby! It is a fact you cannot do ANYTHING for the second time, until you have first done it for the first time.
I believe you are doing great, as others have indicated, and all of us, every one, did whatever for the first time, before we did
it the second.

I also welcome you to this fold, and sincerely hope you find ADISC as a place you are accepted, and you will, from my

Again, welcome to ADISC.
By the way, I am not the one from Mexico. I spent 4 years (1953-1957) in El Paso, Texas, and my spanish, much of it forgotten, was pure Castillian Spanish, from the High School texts of "El Camino Real". Nevertheless, I do occassionally try to incorprorate some Spanish into my conversation, hoping I will not embarrass myself, nor anger any Spanish speaking peoples around me. And that is not just Hispanic, but also anyone who speaks Spanish.
Welcome! The people here are very friendly and will support you in any way! :)
thank you if you need to know Spanish classes let me know

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