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hello fron devon

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hello I am male age 51 I could remember that what it would be to be nappies when I was around age 18 I used wrap myself in a towel to use as a nappy and wet myself , then when got divorced I a was about age 40 started seeing nappies in boots , so I started to wear then when I can , and back in 2012 I worked in London for short time I found I was wetting myself as I was driving my bus so I started wearing pull ups or pads , then I notice it got worse so went to the docs , which I had test for the prostrate cancer but lucky I have not got just enlarge prostrate and found that got a weak bladder ,so find it great now that my family knows I got wear pads or a nappy , I now go bed in nappy so I get good night sleep
Hello busman and welcome to the group.

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