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Hello from Portugal

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I'm from Portugal and I'm 18. I'm studying 300km from home so I got my own place... guess now I can have as much diapers as I want to :D
I like to wear Drynites and Abri Forms, I'm a size S because I'm quite thin...
I'm a huge fan of aviation, something that I want to do in life... Maybe an Air Traffic Controller, who knows? :eek:
I joined this large community to meet new people and share experiences!
Hello InvisibleLight and welcome to the group.

Nice informative intro.

Bem Vindo! Welcome.

I think you'll enjoy it here. There are at least a couple of Portuguese speakers on the board, myself included. We have another fairly active poster who is from Portugal, I believe. His username was 'fraldinhas', but he just changed it, and I can't remember his new one.

I've also always been fascinated by aviation. I do consulting work, and I just got a consulting contract with a private aviation company, which has been a bunch of fun.

Anyway, welcome.
Thanks all for the kind posts!
Good Evening and Welcome!
I am "caitianx", and I am on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from you here in New Hampshire in the US.
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