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Hello from NZ

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  1. Diaper Lover
  2. Incontinent
  3. Carer
I'm an IT tech. (Many skills, feel free to ask)

In my spare time I like to ride motorcycles and play computer games.

I've been interested in diapers ever since I can remember. I had surgery that was botched when I was little and ended up mostly incontinent and due to diabetes I've ended up with bed wetting.

I finally found a way to keep my DL and RL information separate online so I thought I would finally join a community online.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I'll probably be on Discord more than the website. As it's easier to keep separate.
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Welcome and be welcomed from North America to a place that you can mix and match both of you. ADISC is a wonderful place as near everyone here is diapered.
For business prior to retirement, I traveled both Western and Eastern Europe and enjoyed visiting customers in the NZ. Always enjoyed the stories regarding the roads with the closing placed trees along the edge of the roads that would guide one during dense fog!
Welcome and enjoy
Hello and welcome to Adisc.😃
Welcome! This is a great community of open... authentic... supportive... interesting and fun people. Hope you enjoy being part of it as much as I do!
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