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Hello from New Hampshire


  1. Diaper Lover
Hello. I'm Ian, a retired but very active ex-nuclear submariner from New Hampshire.

After a recent bout with COVID during which I turned to diapers to control the problems with urination and diarrhea, I found excuses to continuing wearing them. "Accidents" became more frequent and even after regaining mobility I continued to wear 24/7. I am now running out of excuses leaning on medical incontinence and need to come clean with my wife of 45 years. But first I need to understand what is going on in my head, hence my search for understanding here.

I have always been fiercely independent and the idea of being controlled by something like a diaper, particularly voluntarily, seems anathema to me. Yet here I am. I hope to come to grips with both my own attraction to diapers and some way to approach my wife that will not scare her off. I had always associated the diaper lover meme with the adult baby fetish, but clearly that is a misconception. But there has to be some rational reason for an old fart like me to suddenly come to the realization that being diapered can be oddly comforting..

So the journey begins!
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Hello and welcome to the site, I am hope you enjoy your time with all of us here.
Hello and welcome,
A lot of us have the same question as you. My self, I am an outdoors enthusiast and like to stargaze.
I am also independent , yet here I am.
This is a good place for you to talk and start to get a understand of what we are all here for.
Again welcome
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Welcome! It sounds like you've gone through a lot. You're in the right place, and there are SO many great people in this community. If you're interested in understanding more about why you may have a fixation on diapers or possibly babyish things, I was told of a book, that I recently finished reading, that explained everything. The first few paragraphs opened my eyes and even occasionally had me in tears. It just made so much sense. The book is called "You're Not Broken: Dr. Rhoda's Guide to Strong Self Worth for AB/DLs", by Rhoda Lipscomb.

It's a validating book focused on self acceptance, and it even has tips for how to bring it up to a partner, tips for parents, etc. She's an expert in the field and it was probably the first time I really started to learn to accept this side of me as a part of me. It isn't something that will just go away. But, it doesn't have to rule me either. I'm a DL with some AB tendencies but that isn't all I am. ;) Definitely worth a read!
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I am generally not a major fan of self-help books, but this does look different. Thanks for the pointer, I'm downloading it from Amazon now.