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Hello from Ireland

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Hello everyone,

I'm not very sure where to start here, so I'll just type and see what happens. I've been looking around the internet for a while now to find a forum where I would be comfortable discussing my personal interest in being in diapers. (Being from Ireland, nappy would be the more used term for diapers, so if I end up typing nappy I apologise - I notice that Diaper Lover is the more used term). And, this seems to be the forum that offers a supportive environment and active, clear discussion.

Me - well, I'm a male in my mid-twenties. Part of me has always wanted to wear and be comfortable using nappies/diapers. This is not something I have ever discussed with anyone. I do not feel that I could declare this to my family or friends. I would feel grossly embarrassed and have no idea how they would react to it. I also feel to a certain extent that this comfort in wearing nappies/diapers could be highly misjudged in Ireland, by a considerable number of people.

I can still remember being maybe roughly two and half/three years and still having a nappy. This must have been very close to when I was about to be toilet trained. When I was growing up and then my younger brother, my parents referred to our nappies as 'wet' or then 'dirty' if we had pooped in them. I recall being on the floor messing with a baby lego type toy and my mam saying something like "Have you done a dirty?" before coming over to me, leaning me over and sniffing my bum and then saying "Yep, you've done a dirty". I also remember another occasion where I'd just lay down on the bedroom floor, and her taking perhaps jeans I was wearing off, smiling at me and then tearing the two tapes off the front of my nappy and opening it up. These memories have always stuck with me for some reason.

I've always wanted to wear nappies/diapers, perhaps since my early teens, and at one stage bought some of the largest size I could find in a supermarket in order to wear at night, and wore them three nights in a row. I felt comfortable in them, but I didn't want to make a habit of it in case my parents or brother found out.

But, recently, I decided I wanted to see what wearing and using diapers/nappies was like, did research, and bought pull up adult type ones. They weren't great. They didn't feel overly comfortable and I think I bought a size too big. I recently discovered a more 'baby type' nappy, for the want of a better term though in a large pharmacy chain across Ireland, Boots Pharmacy. They are of the sort where there are tapes on the front, I can adjust them to fit me, they absorb my urine very well, haven't leaked and I feel very comfortable even after I've peed in them. I also feel a bit more of a baby in them.

I've wore them once in a while at night recently, hiding them away from the rest of the family. But given that nobody was around this weekend (I live with my parents and brother), I decided to wear them from yesterday evening through to this morning, changing them as and when I needed to, and I am very happy having done that. I feel totally comfortable peeing in them and changing myself, and I intend on going out and purchasing a new packet today, more baby wipes, and doing the same this evening while nobody is here. I also never wear them outside the house. So, I would class myself as a Diaper Lover. As for being an adult baby, well I've never used any other baby type things, like clothes or toys etc, but I would like to perhaps go down that route someday, but certainly not for as long as I live here.

So, I guess that the best place for me to start would be the diapering or stories forums.

I hope that gives you some idea of who I am and my interest as a 'diaper lover' and I look forward to interesting discussion with you.

All the best,
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Hi DictionaryA. That was a very nice introduction. Welcome to the ABDL community. We are very supportive on this site. I think you'll like it here. Good luck on purchasing new diapers today. What other interests/activities do you have? Me, for instance, I am a coffee snob. Love buying fresh roasted coffees from local roasters - grinding and french pressing at home. Also must have my espresso every morning.

Hope to learn more about you
Hi Little2Roo.

I share your love of coffee. Where would life be without coffee? I'm a Nespresso person, and I just like plain and simple black Americano or espresso. Needs to be strong. Not into any flavoured coffees, or any sort of cappuccino, etc. Coffee is actually the only hot drink I properly enjoy!
Welcome to ADISC!

We have people all over, some use the term nappy and some use diaper. I am sure most people on ADISC (me included) have no problem in using both nappy and diaper. So...just use whichever term you feel comfortable using.
Thanks BabyDenise! They've always been nappies to me, so I'll just stick with that term.

And was thinking earlier Little2Roo, you've put my love of coffee in my head in this thread! So, the plan for in the morning... getting up about 20 minutes earlier and making a good strong coffee, and sitting up in bed relaxing drinking it still snug in my nighttime nappy :)

Another thing I enjoy too actually is a good swim in the evening or at the weekend down at the local pool to relax!
what a lovely introduction! I have always wanted to visit Ireland! I listen to a lot of Irish folk and contemporary music. It sure is interesting that we are all over the world and share this interest. I would love to here more from you! :D
I can't believe it, you swim too?! I LOVE swimming. Used to be a competitive swimmer in high school.

Yes, my morning routine involves waking about 1 hour earlier than I need to, so I can make espresso / coffee, read email, social media, and drink more coffee. You are a man after my own heart.

Next you are going to tell me you love single malt scotches.
Thanks Paddedwolf. Certainly, I love my country too. Dublin is one fantastic city to live in, and I love getting out of the city too for a nice day trip to see some of the sights and other cities. It would certainly be worth a visit someday!

And yes Little2roo, love my swimming too. Like yourself I used to compete before I left school down at the local swimming club. Went ahead with my idea of having a coffee in bed this morning. Good strong americano with an extra shot, still in my pjs and overnight nappy. Wet my nappy a little more then got up. Great relaxing start to the day. Might have to do that again tomorrow! If you've never done that before I highly recommend!

But don't share your love of a single malt scotch. Guinness, or a nice glass of white wine for me!
That's ok, I can forgive you, especially since you like Guiness which I love, too. And yes, I drink my coffee and wet a few times in the morning in my footed PJs and night diaper. It is warm and comforting. Would love to visit Ireland someday, by the way.

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Oh, I know this is a stereotypical question to ask, so forgive me, but do you red hair? I do have red hair so I feel I can ask.
Hey there DictionaryA ... Boy what an intro... have you been makin out with the blarney stone? Just kidding. Well done and welcome. I'm sure you'll find plenty of interesting things to discuss...oh and I also share a taste for Guiness.
Thanks for the welcome ozbub! The funny thing is those memories I describe above I could actually describe in more detail. They are still so clear in my head. I just didn't want to turn my introduction into an essay that I wasn't sure people would be into reading! (And didn't want to make it look like I'd been drinking pints of Guinness all day!)

I can remember them down to the colour of the Logo brick in my hand when my mother came over to sniff the nappy, and down to being able to see the packet of Pampers nappies in the corner when my mother was about to change me in the second memory. If anybody wants me to describe these first memories of mine while still in nappies though, let me know and I'll write everything. If nobody is interested in the details no offence is taken.

And no Little2roo, not a red head. Dark brown. I'm not your typical Irish person in many ways e.g. I wouldn't drink tea of it was the last drink on earth!! :)
I don't like hot tea either but I like iced tea (with plenty of sugar)!

I envy people who can recall memories from their younger days. I have some memories but nothing before about 4 or 5, maybe six (I will have to concentrate someday to figure out when what I remember happened), not even feelings about that time.
It is certainly good to have them Baby Denise. I must also confess though... I must be the only person in Ireland who alongside hating tea, also hates Tayto crisps and thinks Cadbury chocolate has gone to hell entirely!
Hello again!

So, having joined the group and said hello, and participated in a few of the threads at this stage, I thought I might describe where I am in terms of enjoying being a DL.

As I said before, nappies were a once in a while thing for me up until recently, as I live at home and would feel totally embarrassed and not know how parents and my brother would react if they discovered this. But now I am around three weeks wearing a nappy to bed every night, and really happy to feel comfortable doing this. I still have no intention in revealing this to family or friends, so I am being discreet about this. It still acts as a means of relaxing, stepping back and relieving certain levels of stress though.

I have picked up a few bits and pieces for myself and have a spare backpack under the bed which has become my changing bag, with my supply of nappies, wipes, plastic bags for disposal and a cream should any level of a rash develop at any stage.

Basically, each night now when I am getting ready for bed, I put my nappy on. Most nights now, it lasts throughout the night. I think there have been roughly two or three nights where I felt a change was needed in the middle of the night though, but I am trying to act on the safe side so may have overreacted! There has only been one minor leak though thankfully! I am using it as needed and then sitting up and relaxing in the morning with my cup of coffee and a book before dragging myself out of the bed entirely to get dressed. Feel totally comfortable each morning now in a wet nappy and intend on keeping this going every night.

I have also tried out wearing a nappy outside the house during the day, and have felt comfortable doing this by myself while out and about. I love a walk by the sea on a nice day, so wore it out to a town I love, bought a take away cup of coffee and sat down and relaxed on a bench by the seafront. Have also worn one down to a pub while out for a drink, just making sure it wasn’t visible by ensuring my shirt was fully tucked in and was happy to do that.

I am wearing them on occasional evenings around the house, again not making it obvious, and nobody seems to notice. It’s great when everyone else is out though, particularly over a recent weekend, because I have no concerns about it being found out by others.
As I mention in another thread, having difficulty getting used to the idea of wetting my nappy while lying down in bed, so that will take some getting used to. And as for dirtying myself, I’ve mentioned that I have tried that once and it wasn’t a nice clean up job, and in fairness to everyone else in the house, I couldn’t make a habit of it!

My best experience so far though… Had a nice relaxing evening in one last night, and before hitting the pillow, changed the bed covers, dug out a new set of pyjamas, blasted the heating for half an hour, changed my nappy then sunk into a lovely fresh, warm bed for the night. Best night’s sleep in ages!! Had a brilliant lie-on this morning as well!!

Someday, while not at home, would love to buy a few AB supplies such as nice pacifier/soother to have for evenings and settling down to sleep, alongside a nice pair of babyish pyjamas or a bottle. But, for the moment, quite happy being a nightly DL.

So, have enjoyed talking to others so far, have been able to comfortably talk and ask questions, so thanks to all who have engaged in discussion with me to date!
Sounds like you are really getting into this. I agree getting a good nights sleep and a diaper is the best. I just love all the detail you gave us in your post.

If I'm ever in Ireland...
Hello, and welcome to ADISC!
That was an informative introduction. It's very nice to meet you!

Ireland eh? I've always wanted to visit there someday.
DictionaryA said:
I must be the only person in Ireland who....thinks Cadbury chocolate has gone to hell entirely!
we're all like that on this side of the Irish Sea, too.
Chomps and Fudge used my faves, but have you seen the price of them lately? 25p each :SHOCKED:
mind you, Mars are going downhill, too: Mars bars are now almost the same size as Milky Ways used to be. [just had a check: 65g down to 51g]
hi im also from ireland
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