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Hello from Illinois

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My name is Lexi, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Illinois. I currently work part time and spend the rest of my days with my boyfriend, dog, and hamster.

After hiding pacifiers in my room to sleep with from the age of 15, I finally accepted my interest in ABDL and began exploring with sippy cups, bottles, diapers, and much more!

I love to hike, and hope to move to colorado within the next few years. Photography is one of my main passions, and I plan to travel and photograph the world. I collect antique books, and love to sing classical music.

I hope to find some support on this website, my boyfriend has accepted me with open arms to some extent , but I find there are questions that he cannot answer.

I look foward to becoming a memeber of this community.
Welcome to the community Lexi! By classical music do you mean Bach, Beethoven, etc. or what?
I'm an Illinois resident and a Classical lover myself. Welcome to the site. :D
Welcome to ADISC!

My sister lived in Colorado for several years. It combines the flatness of the Midwest with the Rocky Mountains so you get some fantastic scenery that just begs to have a picture taken.
Wow! I seriously didnt expect a single reply, thank you for the warm welcome.
To answer abbydell's question my first stop would probably be Thailand. The culture and scenery there is incredible.
Zipperless, I enjoy Bach as well as Mozart. I spent the better part of my schooling being trained to sing classically.
KitsunrFuchs said:
Zipperless, I enjoy Bach as well as Mozart. I spent the better part of my schooling being trained to sing classically.

Awesome! My son sings classical music too so I know how tough - and beautiful - it is.

(I was hoping you didn't mean classic rock. Nothing wrong with that, but just wondering)
Hey Kits! I saw an Illinois license plate with "DL" on the side. I assume that means "dealer"? ;)
Illinois seems to be the premier vanity plate state ... I think there are more vanity plates here than any other state! I'm keeping my eyes open for one that says "ABDL," which may be a forlorn hope. Kits, welcome from a fellow resident of the Land that Time Forgot.
Hi, Lexi!

Welcome to the site. I just joined, too, and also live in Illinois.

KitsunrFuchs said:
I collect antique books

Great hobby. What do you have?

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