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Hello from Germany

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Hello @ all,

i´m new here,
come from Germany near Stuttgart
and i greet you all.
Sorry for my very bad english,
i will do my best to understand and learn this language

and now, let me see what is new here for me.

Hello Chris2006 and welcome to the group.

I would type this in German, but I was asked not to by one of my German friends because my German spelling is worse then my English spelling.

Some one here might be able to help you install a translator app. I am sorry I can only suggest it, because I have enough problems getting my computer to work in English. :cool:

When you have a chance could you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

Again welcome to the group.
I was in Stuttguart in the 1970s I am half German in California. I have been to many cities in Germany. I am ABDL for many years. I love wearing diapers and plastic pants. I was in Panzer and would drive to 40 mark park. I wanted to wear my diapers and pick up women there. I'm still on a baby bottle and pacifier.
Hello Chris!
Nice to see another guy from Europe here ^^

Welcome to the forum - There are a lot of cool and very kind people here.
i'm more the reader on this board, but since i've joined here i've never seen some rude guys here.
So dont be shy!

Im also from Europe and have been in Germany many times and it was allways awesome!
I remember there ist also a German thread here on the forum but its not that active there.

Viel Spass und schöne Stunden hier im Forum. Können sich ja gerne mal im Chat zusammentreffen und ein wenig auf Deutsch quasseln und schaun, wieviel unsere englischsprachigen Kollegen verstehen :biggrin:

Have Fun!
Hi Christ2006 and welcome. I think you are doing well with English. I tried to learn to speak German, and I did terribly. So good for you with your English.
Welcome, Chris2006! This is a good group, and Marka seems to have the best luck translating. I have never tried the translator stuff so I will leave that to Marka! Again, Welcome!!
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