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Hello from Germany


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I'm Jenny, I'm 25 and I've been wearing diapers on and off since I was about six. Back then it was mostly just diapers, but in my teens I got an interest in other "baby stuff" and returning to simpler times. When the pandemic hit in 2020 I started regressing very frequently to cope with the stress. I guess I would classify as an ABDL? I'm definitely a little, but all the terms can get very confusing so I prefer not to think about it to much.

I recently got into gaming, I like survival-horror and tactical games. I'm a big fan of DIY (Do it Yourself), being somewhat skilled in sewing I plan to make my own little-space clothes later on. When it comes to cooking I especially like to make little-space foods.

I'm here to make friends I can talk with about both my big interests and little-space stuff.
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Welcome Jenny!

I too don't like tag myself, It makes me uncofortable, I like diapers and sometimes my paci and jammies, but can't say "my age" or use a particular term to describe myself

I also love gaming, can't wait for this Friday and the release of one game.
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Welcome and enjoy
Welcome from Canada, Jenny! I think you’ll find lots to enjoy here!
Hi Jenny, a warm welcome from the Netherlands.