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Hello from FootieCookie!

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I'm married, straightforward and active. I am also working as Data Entry and Customer Services for almost 11 years. I have my other health issues right now are spinal nerves from my right shoulder to my fingers, carpal tunnel and anemia. My cataract surgeries done on my eyes. Yeah, my body is falling aparts by age. Of course Not!
I had several accidents with my stress incontinence few years ago and still using my pullup diapers during the day because I tend too much focus my work and nearly accident before I sat on the toilet seat at work and home, too. I usually wear diapers to sleep because I still have my dehydrated as need a fully hydrated in my body system. I do wear my footie pjs during the Fall, Winter and Spring (some have cold days) seasons. Also, I am using pacifier to sooth my sleep. My husband usually wake up 1 or 2 hours early before my ALARM does makes me cranky and get wet. Grrrrr! I have to let it go until my alarm goes off helps me to calm on my nerves.
I played in the National Horseshoes Pitching Association and Softball. Members of the Starfleet: International Star Trek Fan Association, National Space Society, The Plantary Society. I loved to study on Meteorology and Genealogy. I am an evid book reader of Star Trek, Harry Potter and other sci-fi books. I still do enjoying with Facebook, Wii games and excercising. I involved with the UFO Conventions. I love to watching football games (both colleges and pro) and DVD movies.
I am interesting to hear their feedback and advise on any subjects and other interesting activities.
Live Long and Prosper.


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Hi FootieCookie, welcome to ADISC. That was a very good introduction, you have some interesting interests. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. I look forward to seeing your posts in the various forums here. Take care.
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