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Hello from Europe...

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi all –

just found out that I joined up more than I year a go and that I had become a “lurker” what a shame….

I’ve read the instruction manual for “great introduction” so here it goes – I’m 35year old engineer from Iceland, I’m mostly DL. (Probably “the only gay in the village” having the population of Iceland in mind).

2) What brings me here? Hope for world peace… is that too much to ask?
3) Interest? Did I mention world peace? If not that then football (soccer). English Premier league or the Spanish one.
4) What I’m looking for out of this site? Probably general information, knowledge and advice.

Hello gg25 and welcome to the group.
Hey, ggg25.
I'm sure you'll find what your looking for here, as this community is very helpful and friendly, I'm assuming you know that because you joined in 2013.
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Hello and welcome. I think most of us spend a large amount of time lurking, no worries! If you need anything though, there is always open ears and minds here to ask. :)
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