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Hello From England

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi from England!

Middle aged DL, have been all my life, something that you are born with I guess, I have fully accepted it now and wear 24/7, my Wife accepts it part of me, we only get one life, so live it I say! Will chat to anyone, so please feel free. Oh and I wear Terry cloth and plastic pants, I'm a late 60's child! though I also use disposables. They make me relaxed and yes it can be very sensual as well.
Thats me.........Hope to chat sometime.


Hello, from across the "pond" terrywolf636!




We are so very pleased to have you join us in our cozy little niche of the net!

Should you require any sort of assistance of us, please do post your inquiry...

I have every reason to believe that you will find much here, to your liking... including a significant variety of personalities, occupations and, levels of education... Topics and conversations of all manner too (within the limits of our rules of course)...

Which reminds me, there is a drop-down menu titled "ADISC Intro, Rules & Tips" at near the top & center of the page... which should help give you a better understanding of what we tend to be about... and, perhaps will assist you in becoming better orientated as well. (*Not intending to suggest any ignorance on your part.)

Again, I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Oh, and too... If you've the time and inclination to do so; many of us here are quite interested to know how, those of you with these sorts of proclivity... and who have been able to successfully negotiate that with an informed romantic-partner (i.e. spouse, gf/bf, fwb, etc) if you might tell us how you worked that out for yourself. This could be helpful and inspiring to those who are seeking such an arrangement. No pressure or obligation intended - Thank you for considering it!

Warmest Regards,
-Marka (a slightly later 60's child myself ;)
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