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Hello from Detroit

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Hi everyone,

I am a senior computer programming student, living in the Detroit area. I will, soon, be starting a job with one of the "Big Three" automakers, in the IT department. I have a masters degree in another subject. And, I have low vision, but I don't let it–let it get me down, because this fine ol' world, it keeps spinnin' around!

I tried on a diaper when I was maybe five or six, but I didn't really get into being a DL until I was about 11. In high school, I developed an AB interest, and about two years ago, I became interested in the LG/sissy side. If you're going to dress as someone you're not, you might as well go the whole nine yards.

I love music! I like the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Dave Brubeck, The Eagles, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash (especially his later stuff), Ricky Skaggs, Sam Cooke, and just about anything off the Motown label.

I am a techy nerd who loves math. When I'm not focusing on computers and math, I enjoy watching sports, eating too much [delicious] unhealthy food, going to the movies, and spending time with my loving girlfriend. She is supportive, and helped me accept my AB/LG tendencies, even though she had never heard of ABDLs. My folks have a cabin in the northern woods of the Lower Peninsula, and I enjoy going up there fishing, hunting, golfing, chopping wood, and drinking beer by the campfire. S'mores? Yes, please!

I have looked around this site a little bit in the last few years, and am impressed with the level of discussion on the boards. Most everyone seems to be respectful, knowledgeable, helpful, and full of interesting comments. I look forward to continuing to lurk around and read threads of interest. But also, I look forward to throwing in my two cents. I went out dressed as a LG for Halloween, and I want to share my (positive) experience.

The semester is winding down, so I will find myself with more time to relax, AB it up, and start posting on these forums! I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you all. See you on the forums.

Hello Cutekylie and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice introduction.

Again welcome to the group.

...drinking beer by the campfire...

Sounds like my kinda people. Welcome to ADISC!

Stay dry and happy!
Good Evening and Welcome!
I am in New Hampshire.
Hi and welcome. As a professional musician, I like your music choices. You've listed some really good musicians there. My family has a cottage in northern Ontario and we've all done our fair share of camping out an fishing. Good times.
Welcome from another Detroit boy! I work in the city, am refurbishing a house in the city, and spend most of my time in the city. Great place! And, I worked with one of the Big 3 for about eight years.

Again, welcome!
Thank you all. :blushie:

I live Downriver, but I love to go downtown as much as I can. Go Tigers!

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