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Hello from Denver

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Hello, and good morning, afternoon, or evening.

I would like to formally introduce myself to the community at large and share a little insight as to who I am.

I'm a Little in the process of discovering myself, and was encouraged to reach out to at leasy on ABDL related forum to meet others like myself in the worldwide community. My curiousity originally began when I was a young teen, and now I'm a couple years from my 30th lvl. (gamer reference).

I currently reside just outside of Denver, Colorado and work an amazing job in healthcare. I'm searching for friendship, and just genera l understanding and education as to who I am, and how to grow into a better all around person in my personal life and within the community.

Thanks for taking the time to take a quick sneak peek into my life and I look forward to connecting with some of you in the not so distant future.
Welcome DprSubboi87! That was a good intro. You already have a lot in common with many of us as those teen curiosity years get the best of most of us. ;) I see you're a football fan. And you reside outside of Denver. So...You're a happy camper these days? Did you go to the parade?
Welcome to the community DprSubboi87. :) You should have no problems making friends here. I see that you are a gamer. What do you play on? Xbox One, PS4, PC? What are your favorite genres of games?
Hi and welcome :)!
Do you play Skyrim? It's one of my fave games!
Have you tried traditional tabletop rpg's?

I hope you have fun in here~

Hi DprSubboi87

My name is Sisi.

I also work in a care setting.

every one is really friendly and very helpful hear.
Welcome from another Denverite!
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