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Hello From Colorado!

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Hey! My name is Ben. I've been a frequent user of this site for a long time but have never made an account. I decided it was finally time to start responding to posts and such.

I'm currently going to school at CSU for CS. I try to ski every weekend during the winter and love to Mountain bike and do basically anything outdoors when its warm.

I'm originally from Illinois but go to school here as I said before. Once I got here, I finally had the freedom to order and wear diapers whenever I wanted. After all the diapers I have tried, my favorite is basically anything from Bambino. I especially love the new prototype and can't wait for it to be released.

It wasn't till last week that I finally tried wearing for long periods of time. The longest I had ever worn was like 6 hours. I realized recently that the reason I never liked wearing for long periods of time was because I always had the thickest most absorbent diapers in my collection. I have a hard time being comfortable wearing a huge bambino all day. I picked up a pack of Tena super stretch after I fell in love with the stretchy sides of the bambino prototype. Since last week I've been wearing the stretch and love it!

I have only met one other person who was abdl, but we only talked and never got to do anything diaper related. I hope to meet someone else near me into diapers sometime. That is a big reason I started being more active in the community.

Thanks for reading!
Welcome Ben! That was a great intro. There are lots of members here from Colorado. I take it you like Poptarts? I had strawberry today but my fav is Brown Sugar Cinnamon.
To be honest, I don't even care for them. I can't remember why I chose that username many years ago.
Poptart1050 said:
To be honest, I don't even care for them. I can't remember why I chose that username many years ago.

lol - That's funny! I'm not a big fan, but they are a quick breakfast. Not a very nutritious one, tho.
Hello! I'm near Denver, I'm starting to enjoy letting others know about this thing I love, definitely could only reach out to those who share the same interests. Hit me up if you'd like to chat :)
Marka said:
You guys... Everybody knows that Toaster Strudel is the way to go! ;) -Marka

Not enough icing in those little packets. ;)
Marka said:
That's why... you use two! ^_^

But then you have pastries with no icing!
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