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Hello from Coldsleeper


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I am an engineering student from Europe.

I have had an interest in diapers, mostly DL, since i can remember, which did not change so far. In the past year however, I have also discovered some AB tendencies, which helped me to get through some more difficult times.

I have always been interested in spending time in nature and I am basicaly addicted to DIY. My interests nowadays mostly include hiking, backpacking (yes, i am always cold in the mornings), a little bit of trail running, cycling, astrophotography and a little bit of landscape photography, making my own gear and optimising my existing gear for these activities (sometimes to ridiculous levels). In the past year I have also found interest in writing, mostly just journaling and a few essays.

As probably everyone, I have always felt quite lonely about this. I have been lurking around here for some time, and now, when I feel like I have accepted this side of me and see it in a more positive light, I have decided that I would like to be a part of the community and maybe even make some friends.
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Welcome and enjoy
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Thank you
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Engineering is a large field, do have have a favorite? Your hobbies clearly align with being an engineer!
Welcome and be welcomed to the amazing world of ADISC! A wonderful place as near everyone here is wearing a diaper!

Not sure, if it is my favourite field, but I am studying nuclear engineering.
Welcome to the site. Since I’ve accepted this side of me and was made to open up about it to my wife I’ve never been happier. Hope you enjoy the site and make friends.
Hello and welcome from the Netherlands.