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Hello from Canada

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Hi everyone,

I have been a lurker here for a long time and finally decided to register. I figured it was finally time to be able to talk to people about the abdl and related aspects of my life, I have been into diapers on and off for most of my life and have recently begun to come to terms with the fact I have a girly side as well.

I have a wide range of interests anywhere from aviation, space exploration, to the history of the first and second Indochina wars. I am currently in school for graphic communications and print technology and have recently become an Adobe Certified Associate for both Photoshop and Illustrator. I initially meant to enroll in a different a program but ended up finding I really enjoy many aspects of the print and typography side of things.

Joining this site will allow me to talk about things that I am not sure I can talk to someone about face to face quite yet or maybe ever. From what I have seen while I was lurking is that this site has a very helpful member base.

Hello KyBar... I might need to refer to you as Kygo, because that's exactly who your username reminds me of :biggrin: Glad you finally joined us, nonetheless -- welcome to the forum!

So. Aviation AND space exploration y'say? To heck with graph.comms, go work for NASA!
Seriously though, sounds awesome... and congrats on becoming certified with Adobe; welcome to that club too ;-)

I hope you find yourself in a comfortable place to talk about whatever it is that's on your mind. Chances are, it's already been discussed, but if not create a new thread and the wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom of every other member means you'll definitely get answers!

Enjoy your stay (because ya don't get to leave that easy!)

Thanks for the welcome Dash.

I have to say that I had never heard of Kygo until now, though I am glad I have heard about him now. Actually KyBar is a combination of the words Ka-Bar and Cyber.

Actually my plan right now is to say to heck with graphic communications, my goal is to be a naval aviator, which I need a bachelors degree to become so I figured I would do two years of something I was interested in then upgrade it to a degree and go from there.

Once again thanks for the welcome.
KyBar said:
I have to say that I had never heard of Kygo until now, though I am glad I have heard about him now.

YOU WHAT!? He is the epitome of Tropical House genius! :biggrin:
You must have heard his track, Firestone?? Pretty sure it made the Hot 100 in Canada... if indeed you follow the Hot 100 :rollseyes:

Good plan though. I needed a BA with Honours for my work, yet it has very little to do with my actual work. Funny how things turn out. Again, all the best with your studies!
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