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Hello, from Canada

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Hi, i am a 22 year old guy from Ontario, Canada. I started becoming interested in diapers in my early teens bit have only just recently started wearing. I have a very loving and accepting girlfriend who accepts this part of me and even wears with me. Aside from diapers i enjoy mountain biking, atving and playing videogames.
Welcome Outdoorsman! It's rare when a member has an accepting girlfriend. You are very fortunate! What video game(s) do you play?
Thanks! Yes, i feel very lucky. We are still taking things pretty slow as we only just started wearing a few months ago. I play Call of Duty (any of them), Forza, Borderlands, GTA V, Minecraft and a few others occasionally.
Cool. We have LOTS of Canadians here, too. I'm surprised none have chimed in yet.
Yah, I browsed here for quite a while before joining and introducing myself and I seen quite a few other Canadians on here
Hello from a grand son of a ex Canadian ww2 serviceman who married in the UK who still has loads of family over there
Hi parcelboy2, thats cool. I have a great grandfather fought in ww2
Hello from Quebec and welcome aboard.
Hello from Toronto Area in Ontario
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