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Hello from a Signet

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Hello there,

I'm a happy positive individual who is always willing to give anyone a chance; enjoy looking after all my animals and generally want to just play.
Currently employed by a small pet food store; someone there trusted me to drive a forklift for them too;

Only recently have I found out about this community; and so far all the people I've spoken with from it have been so wonderful; while I'm not too fond of someone putting me back in nappies (Mother had trouble with keeping them on me as an actual kid xD) I enjoy regressing to a toddlers age and being praised, scolded and treated like one when in that moment.

Now outside of all that, I really enjoy drawing and crafts, I make custom plush toys and can even make little clothes for them all.
I also enjoy running about making people smile in the fursuits I own, one is an orange, white and black cat called Vou-Dou; another is a Skull beast Mimic called Thyef, then there's Skitti a purple wolf and finally there's Alley a grey and white cat who loves to chase the birds.

Oh I also enjoy video games; mostly those you can play with friends though alice madness and alice madness returns hold a place in my library along with Ori and the blind forest.

I'm hoping to make friends and get a better understanding of this community, along with providing a listening ear for others if they need it; I may not have an answer but a listening ear I do;

Looking forward to talking with you all!
Hi SignetSwan

I actually new in this forum too, you will get a lot of interesting experiences here.

so, Welcome to our community
everyone here is friendly and you will soon have friends from all over the world and you can discuss or talk to them.
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