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Hello everyone :)

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I just recently discovered that I may be an adult baby and even though I've been trying to accept this as a part of myself, I'm still confused and a little bit embarrassed whenever I just think about that, so I thought the natural next step would be to find a forum to talk to people who are similar to me and who could probably answer my questions and this website seemed to be perfect for this.
Well done Leilana, a good decision. You certainly will find answers to your questions here. It's a wonderful and safe place to explore your AB self. Welcome :)
Hi there, Leilana! We are so glad you are here! Please make yourself at home and find some conversations that interest you! I see that music is an interest for you. If you can't guess by my screen name, it is an interest for me, too. Do you sing or play any instruments? What kinds of music do you like?
Yeah, I guess I wasn't really specific about my interests :D I play piano, flute and guitar, but I prefer piano. I like some pop music and classical music. :) What do you like? :)
I play piano, too! I love classical music, and some pop, rock, and jazz also. Glad you are here, and hope you continue to find time here fulfilling. Do you have any favorite composers? Mine is Schubert.
I like Schubert :) But my favorites would be Mozart and Beethoven. And I like it here so far. :)
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