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Hello everyone! :)

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Hello everyone on this forum!

Well - first of all, a little relief and nerves at finally having the courage to join such a forum! Now, if I post off topic or am swaying in the wrong direction, please let me know - I don't mind at all :)

Secondly, well I've been a lover of wetting myself since I was a teenager. Later years have seen me incorporate wearing Pampers nappies/diapers and when I am in the mood for wearing them, my word the thrill is indescribable!!! I usually love wetting and/or pooping and have often found, as they are so lustfully appealing and so snug and warm, I have fallen asleep with them on! :)

I live at home with my dad, stepmum and sister, so the challenge of hiding the thrill is always there. I have rarely had the courage to go out and wet in public or wear nappies - which is a shame as this is the obvious next thrill for me and a strong part of me wishes I just do it lol!!

Anyway, once again, thank you for reading - look forward to many great chats!
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Welcome to adisc. I to took awhile to build up the courage to join.
Also pampers are great! XD

Hope you enjoy the forums.
Thanks :) Pampers are brilliant!!! They are so snug and allow me to leak whilst getting that lovely feeling!
Welcome to the site, glad to have more people join in and sharing their experience :)
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