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Hello, everyone

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Hi, I am a 26 year old that's new to this site. I do not have a medical condition at all for incontinence. But, I am a diaper lover and have been for a couple of years. I never was interested in being a AB but have started to look in it and maybe give it a shot. Other then that, I like going for walks, hiking on trails, canoeing, fishing, I also like wildlife. I like to do arts and crafts, spend time with my 3 cats. I am learning how to play the violin, taking lessons already pretty far into that.

I like to make friends, but have tried several times but I don't have any friends, wish I did. There's nothing wrong with me, some of it was because I was always being sent to different schools. I also have been bullied a lot and abused in my life.

I am nice and friendly, and try to give good advice, I am down to earth, relaxed, and caring. I don't judge people. I am fun and sometimes funny.

I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. But I don't let it stop me from doing what I want or let it control my life.

That's a little about myself. Thanks :eek:
Hope to find some friends
Welcome! I could use some friends too! :)
Good for you kittygirl :) Never let anything stop you from being you or living out those dreams.

Plenty of friends here Undead, just jump in feet first and the water is fine!
Thank you, yes that would be delightful =]

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Aww thanks. Sounds like fun lol
First off, welcome to the forum!
Second, from what it says here, you seem like a pretty cool person. If you ever feel like you need to get something off of your chest, the IRC text chat is a good place to go. Personally, I've found that nobody judges you as long you follow the rules.
Thanks. I appreciate that. Thanks for the info about IRC text chat
Welcome to the forum, plenty of friends to be had around here.
well hello thanks ozbub
I'm a art lover too, Welcome to adisc, Kittygirl, I hope you meet a lot of friends here. :)
That's cool. Thanks, me too :smile1:
Hey always looking for new friends! :) If you ever need someone to lend an ear or perhaps offer advice look me up! Will be more than glad to help however I can. Even by way of making a new friend! :)
You're very welcome and thanks for the add! How's your day been so far? :)
=] your welcome. Thanks for being my friend. My day is going awesome. And yourself?
It's been decent. Just spending the day relaxing and go back to work in the morning.
cool. Ya, well have a good day at work
I shall :) I enjoy what I do despite some of the little nuances that come about from it.
Admittely don't post welcomes...well about ever haha, but saw you like mystery video games so had to ask what your favorites are?
:cool: That happens with jobs. You got the good and the bad

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huh, I didn't understand what you ment about "Admittely don't post welcomes...well about ever haha". And your suppose to post welcomes, silly that's how you get people to talk and introduce yourself. Anyways, I like a lot of mystery games.

I especially like Artifex Mundi games: Enigmatis: The mists of Ravenwood, Grim Legends: The forsaken Bride, Nightmares of the deep: The siren's call, Left in the dark: No one on board, Nightmares from the deep: The cursed heart, Dark arcana: The carnival, 9 clues: The secret of serpent creek
Others I like: Nancy Drew, Cursed fates: The headless horseman and sooo much more, etc.
I admit she has a nice selection of games to choose from! Never played any of them but they sound interesting! :)
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